Whoa! There’s a lot of different options when it comes to advertising a big product. I’m sure several of you have seen the Nexus 7 camping commercial on your home televisions but this latest move by Google is even bigger. The search giants homepage is the starting point for millions and millions of people daily, and now is being graced with the Nexus 7 front and center.

Google’s never been one for adverts or commercials. Their Super Bowl commercial a few years back showing off Google Instant search results was fun (as was watching the Saints halftime onside kick) but today they’ve upped things a notch. Putting their flagship Nexus 7 tablet right where millions upon millions of people will see it — all day long.

“The Playground is Open.”

One of the many reasons users love Google Search is their extremely simple and plain Google.com page with nothing going on. What better way to advertise your product then to neatly use some of that blank white space below the most use search engine in the world. Right!

For the masses that head to Google.com today, you’ll all be greeted with the above quote and a nice and simple link taking you right to the Nexus 7 purchase page. A place where you’ll get the best tablet money can buy for the low price of just $199. Check out our Nexus 7 Review, then head on over and get yourself one today.


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