CTIA Vice President Rob Mesirow has hinted that a new Android tablet will be announced at the annual wireless trade show. And though he wouldn’t go into any detail as to who’s making it or what the specs are, Mesirow did go on to talk about how tablets in general are changing Heath care thanks to what he calls “M-health” and that M-health news at CTIA this year. And as if hinting to one spec, Mesirow went on to state that a 7″ tablet fits rather nicely in a lab coat.

To date, the only tablet provider that has reserved press time at CTIA this year is Samsung, so could this be an upgraded Galaxy Tab 2? Could very well be. Mesirow, however, goes on to say that this year is the year of tablets and since the nature of the business is to announce new platforms at the last minute, it could very well be that another provider will reserve press time between now and the confab later this month. The CTIA show is in Orlando, March 22-24.

[via PC Mag]