With the advent of music streaming apps and various earphones and headphones for mobile devices, listening to music together, either as a family or as a group of friends with various musical interests, has become a lost art. Sonos, a well-known name in audio equipment, believes that with excellent-sounding products, they will be able to bring back the music to our homes. And it starts with a brand new Sonos Play:5, redesigned and re-engineered to help you enjoy your streaming music more.

The Sonos Play:5 was launched six years ago and it became the first all-in-one speaker for the back then, still burgeoning streaming music platform. But now the new version is of course, even better. It has six synchronized and custom drivers, three mid-woofers, and three tweeters and together, all these elements give you a “soundstage” that is quite surprising for just one speaker. It also has three orientations that can still give you best-in-class sound no matter what position: horizontal, or stood up on its right and left sides. Standalone, it can be placed horizontally, while you can also pair two speakers vertically and horizontally as well.


Design-wise, the Sonos Play:5 gave up complex ones and instead focused on what makes a speaker useful. The speaker has almost 60,000 individually drilled holes in the grill because all the details matter in bringing you this sound quality that should make your parties, intimate gatherings, or just your daily time together, all the more musical. The touch controls are intuitive and simple, so no need to spend hours just setting it up and then studying the manual.


Something like this though will probably not be entry-level priced. In fact, it is a bit expensive at $499. If you have other Sonos speakers, it is compatible with them so you can do a whole set-up at your house, but on its own, it is also capable of streaming your favorite music. The Sonos Play:5 will be available later this year.