As we all know, Google I/O this year didn’t have any crazy new hardware announcements or a change in the Android OS version. With speculation of a new Nexus 7, Motorola’s X-Phone, or even an LTE Nexus 4 we were all excited. Don’t worry though, because it’s all still coming. A new report from DigiTimes claims the new Nexus 7 is already shipping to warehouses, and will be announced next month.

According to DigiTimes, who’s been accurate in the past, ASUS and Google have contracted AUO to manufacture the next-gen 1920×1200 low-temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) display for their new 7-inch Nexus tablet. We’ve heard different specs through the rumor mill, and they all keep coming back to an impressive 1080p display. The important thing here isn’t the display, but the details on dates and numbers ordered.

Supply chain sources reportedly confirmed that AU Optronics has been hard at work building nearly 1 million displays for the new Nexus, and have already shipped all million out this month. Yes this month, but only to warehouses for final preparation. With 1 million shipped in May we can expect the announcement to come in June (which stacks up with previous rumors) and most likely it will be running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

The reports from the supply chain also mention that nearly 8 million have been ordered throughout 2013, and assembly is fully under way. Google’s planning another popular slate to sell quite well from the sound of things.

If this report is accurate an announcement could be coming within the next few weeks, and rumors have already suggested June 10th. Then retail availability could arrive in mid-July for a summer blockbuster. We’re hopeful for Android 4.3, the new Nexus 7, possibly an LTE Nexus 4, and the new Motorola smartphone all this summer.