Trend institute The PEJ Group was the one that coined the “elastic lifestyle”, referring to our need to have elements in our home that are functional, flexible, simple, and mostly, that it will fit our various moods depending on the situation. Several gadgets and accessories have been created just to be able to fit that criteria. The latest line-up of ZIPP speakers aim to do just that while delivering quality sound as well.

The new ZIPP wireless speakers combine the 360° Fullroom™ sound quality as well as giving you portable multi-room connectivity with the SoundSpaces™ technology. What the latter does is to allow you to connect speakers through WiFi and then move them around the room and even other rooms whichever way you want so that your entire room or house will be filled with music. You will be able to connect up to 6 ZIPP speakers through SoundSpace Link but all of them will still be able to give you the sound quality you expect from the brand.

The line-up consists of two new speakers, the ZIPP (100W) and the ZIPP mini (60W), They are both equipped with the360° Fullroom™ sound, WiFI and Bluetooth connectivity, 8-10 hours battery life, an updated touch interface, and speakerphone capability. It also now has Spotify and Apple Music support and can store up to 5 internet stations which can be controlled directly from the speaker.

The best thing about these new ZIPP speakers? They’re at more affordable prices than their predecessors. The ZIPP is priced at €299 or around $340 while the ZIPP Mini is €249 or around $282. They will be available in the following colors: Cloudy Grey, Deep Lagoon, Graphite Grey, Victory Red. If you get bored with the color you chose already, you can replace them with additional covers with colors Atlantic Deep, Signal and Sangria. They will sell for €29 each. The new ZIPP speakers will be available for sale online starting October 22.

SOURCE: Libratone