There had been some recent talk of rate increases for European Netflix customers, and it looks like US customers will also be affected. Netflix recently began alerting US customers about the upcoming rate increase, though it seems current subscribers will be safe for a while.

Details coming from Netflix show how the rate will increase by $1 per month. This means new subscribers will be paying $8.99 per month, as opposed to the $7.99 current customers are paying. Current customers can likely expect a rate hike, though that will be at least two years out.

Netflix has sad they guarantee current subscribers “plan and price will not change for two years.” Based on the wording in that statement, specifically with the mention of “plan,” we cannot help but wonder if any changes are coming for the plans. Time will tell, but for now it looks like new customers will be paying $8.99 per month and current customers will continue at $7.99.

Price increases are almost always unwelcome, but we do have to commend Netflix for giving current customers a 24-month lead time before any increase. So, having said that; anyone think this will cause new customers to look elsewhere for their streaming needs? For now Redbox remains priced at $8 per month and that includes streaming as well as 4 kiosk rentals per month.