It looks like Netflix has just updated the app for Android, it now supports the original Motorola Droid, the G’zOne Commando from Casio, as well as the LG Revolution that just started shipping with Netflix pre-installed. Earlier in May Netflix launched for Android but only with a few devices supported so it is good to see an update come so fast to support additional devices.

We don’t know much about this update as I don’t have a device on the officially supported list around, my Nexus One is with a friend. I am glad to see Netflix working fast to add more devices to the supported list but I have a feeling they will need to work faster. The development community has already hacked netflix to work on virtually any rooted android device.

It looks like if you want to use Netflix you will have to have a supported device, root your phone, or hope they add support for your device soon. It looks like Verizon is getting all the good stuff over there with the Revolution launching with Netflix, and now the Moto Droid getting support. Either way head to the Android Market now and get the latest Netflix or just click here.


Update: We are not sure if this was a mistake, or if Netflix has actually lifted the device check that was built into the Netflix App, but our friends at DroidLife are now reporting that users are able to install the Netflix app and start streaming content even if they are not on the approved list. They have reported the Droid X, the Droid X2, the Xperia Play and a few others all to be working just fine. So far it seems pretty hit or miss, but this would be a huge mistake if it were an accident. Install Netflix on your device and tell us in the comments below what you have and if it works. Thanks

Update 2: Devices that are *not* supported will not see Netflix in the Market, so download the updated APK and install it yourself with a file manager and give it a test and see if it work for you.
Download: Netflix APK