It’s been a while since we talked about MultiROM – that wonderful Android tweak that allows you to boot off different custom ROMs each time. We’ve mentioned that the development team of MultiROM has made it available for a good number of devices, including Sony Xperia devices, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S4, even the HTC One M8. Now, MultiROM makes its way to Google’s flagship smartphone, the Nexus 6.

MultiROM, now at v32, supports the Motorola-made Nexus 6, codename “Shamu”. If you’re a user who likes to tweak, and if you’ve ever thought about being able to boot from multiple Android ROMs on your Nexus 6 – or even Ubuntu Touch firmware – this hack is for you. MultiROM features a boot manager that asks you on startup to choose which OS to run for your device. You can add and managing your available ROMs through a built-in ROM manager app.

nexus-6-0 (1)

As you may imagine, the possibilities from MultiROM are seemingly infinite, and the only thing that would give you pause is how much storage you have left. MultiROM also does not work with data encryption – for the obvious reason that you will most likely be changing from one ROM to another on a regular basis.

Also, have we told you? Smartphones ARE NOT designed to run multiple OS’s like this – so you better be knowledgeable about bringing bricked phones back to life if you want to try this. It’s pretty stable, but still it’s one big giant hack – and as tweakers always have to know, crap happens. Make sure you have a working backup of your phone if you want to try this. Other than that, head on to the source link for more information and complete instructions.