Are you looking for the next casual gaming flick to waste your time while on the bus or on the train? Look no further than Mr. Muscle, a one-tap, one hand game that has no pretensions of complexity. It’s just a wrestler that’s lifting weights, and you have to help by tapping in time. Plus, there’s a catchy comedy soundtrack that will stick to your head for hours after you’ve played. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The gameplay is basic. You control Mr. Muscle – who is actually a caricature of famous Czech wrestler Gustav Fristensky. What?!? You’ve never heard of him? Well, that’s makes the both of us. But, he’s a pretty big name in his country. But we digress. In the game, you help Mr. Muscle lift weights and keep his balance. Each pump of the barbell will cut a brick in twine. We don’t know how that happens, it just does.

The trick is somehow cutting the bricks that go faster and faster as the game progresses. The more bricks you cut, the higher the score, but you have to keep balance as well to keep the game progressing. If Mr. Muscle falls down, game ends.


We have to say, the comedy approach is nice, the soundtrack is great. If you like getting frustrated or challenging yourself to the next high score, then this is your game. Pick up the app at the download link below, completely free to play.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store