You’ve fulfilled your dream to become a ninja. But somehow, in the near future, there are only a few of you left. A massive corporation now wants to capture the remaining ones and then clone them and offer them up as servants to rich humans. So now it’s up to you to defeat the evil guys and save your clan. No, this is not the plot to an upcoming new B movie, but rather the setting for Mr Future Ninja, now available for Android devices.

The isometric stealth puzzler looks interesting graphics wise, and if you’re into the whole ninja vibe, then you might find the storyline compelling as well. Your goal is to evade and defeat evil security guards with your trusty shuriken and of course all your ninja moves, not to mention your ability . Disable the security, stun the guards, avoid the traps, and escape all the hazards found in the skyscraper headquarters.

As you start the game it’s just you but as you continue to play, you’ll get more ninjas on your side. You will also be adding more skills to your squad, like the dash and close-quarters takedown. But of course being ninjas, your greatest power is to actually stay out of sight and surprise your opponents with stealth attacks. So that’s something you should develop as you continue playing the game.

You can download Mr Future Ninja from the Google Play Store for $3.99. There are no more additional in-app purchases anymore so that should be a fair price.