There used to be a time that for you to be able to edit the videos you take on your mobile devices, you need to transfer them to your desktop, download a video editing suite, edit and render on your desktop (which sometimes takes hours) and then transfer back to your phone or tablet. Whew! We just got tired thinking of all that. But now, mobile video editing apps have been appearing in the market. One new player is called Movie Edit Touch, which is pretty self-explanatory already.

Yes, the app is for editing movies by touching your mobile device. You can choose to use videos that you’ve already take on your phone or tablet or get clips from the SD card or even from other devices like the uber-popular GoPro Action Cam. You can also use both images and video clips for your mobile masterpiece. You can add background music, trim and rearrange the video clips and images, use transition effects in between the clips. However if you’re not satisfied yet with the final project, you can go old school and import and edit it on your desktop by using the MAGIX Movie Edit Pro.

But you really don’t need to use the desktop, since you already have a lot of options and features on the app, particularly if you upgrade to the Premium version. By just paying a minimal amount, you have more transition options and you can add cinematic effects like lomo, vintage, Pop Art and others (think filters, but for videos). You can also add text to the video and make title cards, in case your visuals aren’t enough to tell the story. The export quality for the premium is also better with HD quality 720p or 1080p.

If you want the Premium version, you just make a one-time in-app purchase of $1.99. But if you think you’re okay with the basic features, you can just get the free version of Movie Edit Touch from the Google Play Store.