Rumors for the much anticipated X-Phone joint effort device from Google and Motorola are starting to heat up. While we’ve been reporting little tidbits here and there lately, today we have additional rumors which match previous reports and we’re getting excited. To start it looks like Google’s I/O event on May 15th is when the X-Phone will be revealed to the world, but read on for more details.

Rumors have been floating around on the X-Phone since the WSJ originally leaked the details, and today sources claim to actually have a friend using and testing the new smartphone. Yup, according to PhoneArena’s tipster the device is in the wild and being tested by a few lucky souls. Now what would a rumor be without some juicy details? Lets dig into those.

According to the source the X-Phone has some pretty bold specs, but we already knew that going in. Back in January we reported on a May release date and a 5-inch display, but today we’re getting slightly conflicting reports. This source says Motorola and Google have decided on a 4.8-inch 1920 x 1080p full HD display, will reveal it at I/O on May 15th, and it will even sport the impressive Sony Exmor camera sensor. Apple’s exclusivity contract has ended, and we can expect that camera sensor to make its way into multiple handsets early this year.

Google’s big focus lately on Android smartphones has been for durability, and battery life. The X-Phone will address both of those. Using Motorola’s excellent Kevlar design for extreme durability and splash-guard water-resistance mixed in with a battery like the RAZR MAXX HD (3,300 mAh) the new X-Phone will reportedly rock. It will have the latest and greatest hardware on all levels, the newest Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, amazing battery life, be extremely durable, support up to 128GB of internal storage and come with a micro-SD slot, and all of this will hit multiple carriers. Not to mention be sold on the Google Play Store.

This is a lot to take in, but most of it doesn’t seem too far fetched other than the 128GB of internal storage option. It won’t be a Nexus so a micro-SD card still makes sense since Motorola’s in charge, will rock a quad-core processor, and should be ready for a May unveil. Who’s getting excited? We sure are!

[via PhoneArena]


  1. I hate how this is done for every new phone being released. The s4 is going to contain (Insert amazing here). Gets us all hyped up and ready for it…and then it falls short.

  2. I and many have been burned by Motorola so many times….will pass this one as we are still waiting for jellybean on the Razr moto makes promises that take forever to make due..if they dont re-nig first.

    • This will be different. Google is working with Moto on this, and now Google is leading the project as Google personnel now run Motorola.

  3. Don’t believe the specs, but if they can pull this off and not manage to screw up the sales as Google always does, then it’s over for the Galaxy S IV. As for me I’m still sticking with the Note III when if comes out, unless Samsung manages to screw it up. Once you’ve used a Note device, all others seem inadequate.

    • I have the Note, but terribly miss the Nexus. I’ll be going back to a pure Android device (touchwiz is horrible compared to pure Android if you ask me – yes I have it unlocked, rooted and running Cyanogen but small bugs becoming tedious). Really love the battery and kevlar of the Razr Maxx, and if Moto truly is sticking close to Google’s core Android build this will most likely be my next handset. If they customize Android too much, I’ll fall back to the excellent Nexus line. Will be a win either way.

    • That does sound like an amazing phone, perhaps superior to the S IV, bu I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s over for the S IV. If the rumors are accurate, it is going to have the same resolution, the same or nearly the same pixel density, a 13 mp camera (true, resolution is irrelevant to anything other than the size of the image, but there are benefits to hi-res images, and it’s also a selling point to people who don’t know better), 2 Gb of RAM, and two quad core processors (one for simple tasks, one for more demanding ones). It will also have gimmicky Samsung features, such as Smart-Scroll (again, not breathtaking, but still a feature that people will probably sell phones to casual users because of the “cool factor”). The X phone may beat the Galaxy S 4 in sales, but I would be very surprised if the S IV didn’t do extremely well nonetheless.

  4. I find it hard to believe that it will have an SD slot. Why would they need 128gb of internal storage if it has an SD option? The trend lately has been low (16-32 gb) internal storage and no SD slot, to push people onto the could for storage, and I can’t fathom Google allowing anything with that much local storage capacity.

    That said, if it does, and the software and hardware are that good and the price isn’t outrageous, then I’ll be happy to be drooling over my wrongness.

  5. Sony camera and long lasting batrery I’m in and made by Google not Motorola can’t go is in to make money not to lose(not like Motorola did with a good product )stuck mostly on one carrier that’s bs

  6. I really don’t care how much this thing costs. If it has all of those specs, I will drop all the dough they ask of me. That being said, the bootloader better be unlocked.

  7. If rumored specs are to be believed, this will likely be the phone I finally find worthy of upgrading to. My requirements hinge on the type of screen and the SD slot above all else, but having a decently sized battery will be a major plus. As long as it is available on the play store (and not an LG-sized under-production) for a fair price, I won’t even hesitate to jump on it.

  8. Made by Motorola means the phone portion will be awesome. My RAZR HD can make calls in underground carparks, lifts, and in places where other phones on the same network are out of service. That fact plus those specs = my money down.

  9. 128gb with expandable memory up to 128 GB equals a total of 256GB on a phone, woah!! First Motorola set the standard for batteries, now they’re setting the standard for memory, probably the two most important features when buying a super phone nowadays. Looks like it is Google in charge of the project and they are listening to what we’ve been craving for, this more than makes up for the shortcomings with the lack of an SD Card slot for the nexus.

    Oh By the way, you can count on this being true since the phonearena tipster is one of the veteran guys (sniggly) whose source IS directly from Motorola and he himself has seen the actual prototype and said the screens being used weren’t final and were just put on for testing.

  10. I think this is enough to make me leave Samsung, Their seems to be a tinge of arrogance starting to set in with Samsung, almost similar to Apple. Just look at what in Samsung product line in 2013, a lot of copy cat products just different sizes. If the X-Phone have NFC S-Beam style transfer and pure android experince. I will definitely buy this!

  11. my summary/predictions:

    1) Motorola’s “X phone” will not be presented at Google’s IO: 90%
    2) its amazing SAMSUNG display will be 5″+ (otherwise it will be a HUGE marketing mistake): 99%
    3) its battery life will be the longest battery life on the market 2013: 99%
    4) its rear camera will be SONY 13Mp: 90%
    5) its storage options will be 32/64/128 or 64/128Gb: 80%
    6) Android 5 out of the box: 35%
    7) pure Android: 50%
    8) new skin (instead of Blur): 85%
    9) bezel-less metal design: 90%
    10) X will not NOT be NEXUS: 99%
    11) 2 different X devices launched simultaneously: 65%

    12) Google+Motorola 8-core microprocessor manufactured by SAMSUNG: 80%

    13) WOW presentation: 100%.

    would you buy a hi-end METAL $810 Motorola “X” device-display with SAMSUNG’s unbreakable Full HD 1080p 6.4″ display, 16/32/64/128Gb storage options, 13Mp SONY lense, 4000mAh Li-Air battery and MX skin on top of the Android 5 KLP on April 20, 2013?

    Made in USA, for sure.

    Android is #1!

  12. Does Motorola’s partnership with Google mean the x phone would get the same regular bug fixes and system updates or would this still be exclusive to Nexus phones? That’s a deal breaker for me personally.

  13. Three things to make a buyer out of me:

    1. Bootloader unlocked.
    2. Timely updates from Google.
    3. Right price. (And I don’t necessarily mean Nexus prices, but about $600 to $650, not more than that).


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