We all know that, right now, Apple is doing everything they possibly can to make sure that everyone and their cousin knows that it’s not just the iPhone 4 that has antenna problems. Unfortunately, their testing and “results” don’t seem to be working out for anyone other than Apple, and that’s giving companies like Motorola plenty of ammunition to use in their own marketing campaigns. This time around, you won’t even need a jacket to brave the winter chills.

Right at the top of the ad you’ll see “No Jacket Required.” Yeah, we get it. The Droid X doesn’t need a bumper, or silly case to make phone calls. Truth be told, this is a great ad, and eventually Motorola is going to start seeing some results from it. As long as they can keep it up, and Apple can keep trying and failing in their antics. But, while the ads are great, we’ll go ahead and admit that the whole dramatic play that’s rolling out before us makes it all the more better. Will there be a victor? Probably not. But at least it’s fun along the way.

[via Motorola’s Facebook]