For those of you who doubt that Motorola hasn’t broken out of their slump yet, check out their Q3 numbers which were released today. They have enjoyed their first growth quarter since Q4 in 2006. They ranked at $4.9 billion this quarter compared to $4.3 billion in Q3 in 2009. There was 13% change in revenue since Q3 2009.

This profit is undoubtedly due to the addition of Android running devices to Motorola’s arsenal of phones. The Droid was announced after Q3 in 2009, and you can see the profit improvements that Motorola has experienced. It was responsible for $2.0 billion in revenue and an increase of 20% since Q3 in 2009. Of the 9.1 million phones that were shipped, 3.8 million of those ran Android OS. They also met their goal of 20 Android smartphones with 22 current Android phones to chose from. With a large amount of Android devices coming out this holiday season as well, Motorola only looks to continue on its tracks of success.

Via [Motorola]