Motorola is scheduled to announce a new Moto phone at the Lenovo Tech World happening later today at 10AM (PST). June 9 is set for a special Moto announcement and we’re excited to know what new smartphone Motorola has prepared for its fans. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Lenovo already owns Motorola so we’ll hear the keynote at Lenovo’s Tech World event happening in San Francisco. We’ve got an official invite to the Moto announcement.

Motorola noted that “Moto will transform mobile in a snap”. We’re guessing that statement has something to do with a phone that “transforms” (MotoMod?) or one that can flipped (Moto RAZR?). We’ve been hearing a lot of information actually and the rumors vary from a new Moto E to a new Moto Z, Moto RAZR, and a MotoMod.

The past few weeks, we’ve heard about several new Moto stuff. Just recently, two Lenovo phones believed to be the new Moto E models dropped by the Bluetooth SIG. We also saw the Style Mod covers and heard about the modular phone MotoMod idea poised to beat the LG G5. We’re also anticipating for the new Moto RAZR since Motorola published a teaser video and filed for a Moto Z trademark.

All these news, leaks, and rumors came out soon after Motorola launched the new Moto G family–G4, G4 Plus, and G4 Play–less than a month ago.

Lenovo invited members of the press to the live presentation but they will also be live streaming the event. You can watch the livestream on Lenovo’s YouTube Channel later at 10am PST/1pm EST/ 6pm GMT.