Today in case you didn’t notice, Google is hosting their Q1 2013 earnings report where we’re hearing all sorts of interesting details and sales reports. While Google rang in roughly $14 billion in revenue, the folks from Motorola aren’t doing quite as good. Q1 2012 Motorola reported an operating loss of $121 million, but this year it has increased to $179 million. A little bit of a black hole Google is hoping to change.

It isn’t all bad news here though for Motorola. According to the details and reports being released by Google this afternoon Motorola did see an overall Q1 2013 revenue that reached $1.02 billion. Above we mention two different numbers for Motorola, and that’s because there is two different sets of numbers to look at here.

Their GAAP operating loss was $271 million for Q1, but the number that is important (and being compared to last years $121m) is the Non-GAAP which shows an operating loss of $179 million. So Motorola Mobility had a non-GAAP operating loss year-over-year that increased roughly $58 million. That’s certainly not good news but that doesn’t reflect exactly how well they are or aren’t doing.

So while Google actually had $3.48 billion of profitable income and over $14 billion in revenue, Motorola still seems to be lowering their numbers a little bit. With the talk lately that Motorola Mobility will be bringing some stunning new smartphones and next-gen devices to the streets hopefully things will change. We’re expecting some details and comments related to Android and Motorola specifically and will report back once we hear more.

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