As smartphones get more and more sophisticated, they tend to get more and more fragile. Android handsets are no exception, as many manufacturers are focused on overall beauty rather than durability and ruggedness. However, when Motorola released their DEFY, it completely changed everyones vision of an “Ultra-Durable Handset.”

The DEFY offered up super durability and even was waterproof, all in a touchscreen device that didn’t look like it belonged on a construction site. They seem to be continuing with the trend after the success of the DEFY and are currently said to be developing 2 rugged handsets for 2011.

The handsets will be half the price of the DEFY and will both be touch-enabled. They will not be fully waterproof but they will be resistant to the elements. More details are expected soon about these two devices and we will let you know as they are announced.

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[Via PhoneArena]