Motorola’s MotoACTV digital watch/pedometer/Dick Tracy cosplay accessory is a pretty neat piece of tech, but it’s somewhat limited by its ability to pair only with Motorola phones. The latest update will fix that oversight, allowing the MotoACTV to pair with and work with all Android devices running 2.1 Eclair or later. Because leveraging your brand should always come second to leveraging your hardware, right, Moto? The update is scheduled to hit the Google Play Store later today.

Also included in the update are a few new features, including scheduled workouts retrievable from the smartphone app and personal fitness tracking without going to the website. For those who are tired of hunting and pecking on the device’s tiny screen, you’ll be able to set up a WiFi connection between an access point and the MotoACTV via the Android app. The standard tracking, GPS and syncing features remain untouched, though they’ll probably get a few bugfixes.

This is a smart move from Motorola. While I’m sure there are a few customers who bought Motorola phones specifically to use the MotoACTV, there are probably even more who have declined to buy the $250 add-on device because it won’t work with their non-Motorola phone. The company is taking a page out of Sony’s book – the LiveView Bluetooth watch and the Smart Watch both work with any Android phone you please. Let’s hope the trend continues with the next add-on Android gadget to come out, whatever that might be.

[via Droid-Life]