In a bid to get more credibility and eyeballs for their new mobile accessories, Binatone has licensed the Motorola Mobility name and brand to introduce their new line called VerveLife. Consisting mostly of various earphones and a wearable camera, the collection is wireless, waterproof, and of course utterly mobile. This is just apparently the first set of devices so we can expect even more from Binatone, which has built a reputation for “innovative IoT” products.

First you have the VerveOnes and VerveOnes+ (the latter being bigger of course) truly wireless stereo earbuds. It gives you HD quality audio, including clear voice calls and is compatible with the Google Now feature so you can use it as a virtual assistant as well. And it should last you 12 hours, which is a category leading feature. The VerveLoop+ wireless earbuds meanwhile should appeal to those always on the go users, and who also perspire a lot, since it is sweat and waterproof. It also has rechargeable batteries and one charge should last you 10 hours.



The VerveRider and VerveRider+ are collar style, “wearable” earbuds that bring you that rich HD sound, has an integrated mic to take calls and is also compatible with Google Now’s OK Googling. It also has a 12-hour battery life. Lastly, the VerveCam+ is meant for those who love doing video travelogues or vlogging as it is a wearable, social, livecasting camera. You can take 2.5K HD motion video, time lapse, loop recording, etc. You can even livestream it to YouTube (and maybe soon, Facebook Live or Periscope as well).



As for the pricing and availability of these VerveLife accessories, Binatone and Motorola Mobility have not released them yet. Let’s wait and see if these need for you to break a bank and if it’s worth breaking the bank for.

VIA: SlashGear