Sure devices like the HTC Hero and Verizon’s very first Motorola DROID are quite outdated, but should they be forgotten? Apparently, some developers think not. The OG Droid has recently received an update to its previous Andorid 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) ROM release that seems to have fixed quite a bit of bugs. From the video the UI doesn’t lag as much either.

Actually, it’s extremely fast toggling in and out of applications. It may not be as polished as the Gingerbread ROM’s you were previously running, but this is just what the early adopters out there have been waiting for. However, camera and accelerated video decoding are still not working – and XDA Developer kabaldan says to not expect a fix any time soon.

I by no means suggest you run this as your ‘daily’, but if you have a nandroid you can quickly roll back to then it wouldn’t hurt to give it a test. Are there any phones you would love to see Android 4.0 on soon? Or is your current OS just fine.

[via Phandroid]