There’s a serious flurry of Android 2.2 related news breaking right now, and especially through the last few days. It’s pretty obvious to everyone that every carrier and manufacturer out there is taking the update seriously, and considering the hassles they all went through with Android 2.0, and 2.1, that’s to be expected. Now, though, we’ve got official word that Android 2.2 is coming to the original Motorola Droid beginning some time next week.

When exactly, that’s anyone’s guess. But Verizon has come clean on the fact that it’s coming at all. Next week, is their official statement. Keep in mind that the HTC EVO, Sprint’s 4G device, is also getting upgraded to Froyo next week. And that’s on August 3rd, for those who don’t manage to grab it earlier. So will Motorola and Verizon push it out before the third, the same day, or just days afterward? We’ll have to wait and see. But, this is great news for all you Droid owners out there. Hopefully now you feel justified in keeping your device.

[via SlashGear]