If you have a hankering to see the new Droid 3 all nakey, iFixit has done its thing with the smartphone and gutted it for your perusal. We went hands on with the Droid 3 not long ago and if this is the Droid you are looking for, the teardown picas reveal some cool details on the phone. It looks like the phone is surprisingly easy to rip apart too with the screwdriver only coming out to remove the back case and a few other parts.

It appears that much of the heavy lifting was done with a plastic opening tool and a few other things. Motorola put a neat little hole in the mainboard to allow sound to transfer better from the speaker to the outside of the smartphone. The chip inside is the Qualcomm MDM6600 and the storage is SanDisk SDIN4C2 16GB NAND.

The photo of the mainboard of the smartphone shows all the chips and sensors that the phone uses. It’s cool to see the works behind the keyboard surface when pried apart. The display has Gorilla Glass over the tip and is an Atmel MXT224E unit. The gang at iFixit gives the Droid 3 a repairability score of 6 out of ten thanks to no security screws and the battery not being soldered to anything among other things.

[via SlashGear]

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