Motorola has rolled out the latest camera related update. This one is for the Motorola Camera app and those carrying a Moto X or Moto G will be able to grab it from the Google Play Store. Similar to what we have seen from Motorola in the past, this update brings some seemingly welcomed improvements.

The “what’s new” section of the Play Store lists a few items, one of which is the general mention of bug fixes. While those are almost always welcomed, there is more here including the ability to manually control focus and exposure. To get up and running with this, launch the camera and swipe in from the left side to open the settings.


Once here tap the icon in the middle (finger pointing to a square) — focus and exposure. Turning this on will allow you to drag the bracket around the screen to set in a place that works for your current shooting situation. Otherwise, remaining items included with this update are as follows;

  • Locked exposure during Panorama capture
  • Enabled additional language support

All said and done, this is another in what appear to be a growing series of camera related updates from Motorola. And while Motorola proved solid with Android updates as a whole with how fast they had Kit Kat up and running on the Moto X, having the camera app available from the Play Store makes camera related updates that much more possible.

SOURCE: Google Play Store