Sounds like Motorola is taking a cue from other manufacturers and is now offering a wireless headphone that follows the earbud and collar school of design. The Motorola Buds is promised to go easy on your ears with an ergonomic form factor and soft buds that don’t sacrifice sound quality for comfort.

If this collar-based form looks familiar, then you’ve probably come across the LG Tone Ultra that was recently unveiled. The basics of the design is that you will wear a collar-like contraption around your neck that houses most of the electronics for the device, such as the bluetooth receiver. This allows the headphones to deliver the needed power and capabilities without burdening your head or ears like other bulky headsets. The earpieces themselves are your regular earbud type attached to the collar with wires.

Apart from its own promises, the Motorola Buds doesn’t really offer anything extraordinary, but that could just mean that it simply gets the job done without gimmicks. The buds have soft cushions and adjustable stems to maximize comfort. The headset can work up to a distance of 150 feet and lasts an approximate 10 hours of continuous usage before needing a recharge. One interesting feature is that the tips of the collar contain magnets that will keep the earbuds from dangling when not attached to your ears. The video ad below details the headphones’ simple and straightforward features.

The Motorola Buds wireless headphones come in black and white color options. They are available on Motorola’s online store with a price tag of $79.99