We’re totally anticipating for every bit of news and information about the new Moto Z Droid and the Moto Mods. We know there will be other Moto Z variants to be introduced but for now, we’re keeping tabs on the modular add-ons. Motorola has not disclosed full details on the Moto Mods but we’ve been seeing teasers and leaked images. The latest of which is this gallery of Moto Mod images that look legit as press renders. We noted a few possible Moto Mods including the Pro Camera Mod, Adventure Mod, Theater Mod, Stereo Mod, Style Mod, and the Style Mod.

One redditor noted that Verizon has finally updated the price list of the Mods. Upon checking the My Verizon app on his phone, Justahumanimal noted the change and said
that the four Moto Mods recently unveiled now have their price tags.

The most affordable is the Kate Spade accessory which is only $79. The Powerpack comes in second at $89 while the Wireless Powerpack is $99. The Projector Moto Mod is the most expensive at $299. The last item is too pricey for an add-on but it’s the most high-tech and probably the most important for now. Mini projectors are not really common but there is certainly a market for such.

Expect to learn  moreabout the pricing of other mods in the next coming days or weeks. We’ll let you know once available.

VIA: Reddit