We have a feeling 2017 will be a good year for Motorola. We didn’t quite expect that the Moto Z and Moto Mod swill be successful but looks like the modular program will continue to expand and reach new heights. The recent hackathon and Moto Mods challenge showed us that many people believe in the smartphone and the modular add-ons. We’ve see a few ideas already but even when the Moto Z was introduced, the company already showed off interesting Moto Mods.

The Moto Mods challenge received over 700 entries. Each one has potential to be big but Motorola-Lenovo only chose a few. The remaining projects can still enter the market but on their own. As for the next Moto Z phone, Motorola is believed to be testing the 2017 version not in secret but in plain sight according to some reports. Perhaps Motorola isn’t a fan of keeping secrets so it’s free showing off the upcoming device.

We’re still taking this with a grain of salt but we’re excited to know the Moto Z could support Gigabit LTE service, will have a new fingerprint sensor, and most likely very similar shape and size as the 2016 Moto Z. How do we know Motorola is working on a new Moto Z?

A mobile carrier partnered with Motorola to check the Gigabit LTE service and the phone used was a Motorola Snapdragon 835-powered phone that is also Gigabit LTE-capable. It’s a mystery phone which we know will be very fast in performane, as well as, network service. This news tells us another thing: the new Moto Z will no longer be exlusive to Verizon.

VIA: Android Central