MotoMaker Moto X

One reason why Motorola is selling a lot of phones today is the fact that you can build your own Moto phone. The Moto Maker website has proven to be effective and helpful in bringing a novice designer’s dream into reality even if it’s only a custom smartphone. Before the official launch, MotoMaker options for the Moto G were leaked and now we have a glimpse of several options for the new Moto X Pure Edition.

To those who are not really observant, you might say there really is not much difference from the other Moto phones. And if you’re not convinced or just simply wants your own unique design, you can design your own Moto X Pure Edition through the MotoMaker website.

Unlike the previous year, colored Anodized AL frames are new design options. You can choose from these three: Champagne, Dark Gray, or Silver. Frontside of the phone can also be Black or White. There seems to be more options now so expect final price may go over $399 as some customizations cost a bit.

You can also choose from these different options: leather, wood, or ten CST + Pattern designs.Wood options include Walnut, Ebony, Bamboo, and Charcoal Ash while leather options include Red, Cognac, Black, and Natural. Device accents can be any of the following: Dark Gray, Silver, Champagne, Red, Lemon Lime, Pink, and Royal Blue.