Even with countless wireless technologies, cables continue to be the bane of modern day computing. From data cables to power cords, our lives become entangled in the sordid mess that are wires. There are, of course, a dozen hundred cable organizers out there offering a solution, but most if not all of them have one limitation: space. They can only hold a number of cables before they give up the fight. The MOS Cable Organizer, however, is different, as it can accommodate as many cables as you can within the limits of physics.

The MOS Cable Organizer looks odd for a cable organizer. It is nothing but a triangle with a raised curved top. No holes, no clips. But therein lies its secret too. This triangle’s top is magnetically charged to stick those cable ends good. And since there are no holes to speak of, the only limit to the number of cables you can stick onto it is the amount of available surface space for the magnet to do its trick.

In fact, you stick more than just cables on the MOS Cable Organizer. Any item that is attracted to magnets can find a home on. Provided there’s still enough space, of course. And for those cables that don’t want to stick around, the package comes with three magnetic cable ties that make short work of their stubbornness. As for the cable organizer itself. It can sit nondescript on your desk or mounted to walls for some utilitarian design.

The MOS Cable Organizer costs $25 normally, but here at Android Community Deals, you can grab a sweet 51 percent discount, letting you get rid of the cable mess for only $11.99.

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