While OEMs still have not solved the battery mystery for devices, we’ve learned to live with the fact that we need power banks, especially when we’re mobile and on the go. Mophie is one of those brands that we’ve come to rely on, and now, they’re introducing a whole bunch of new products, introducing four new or improved lines. And the best thing about it is that they are now more affordable and embraces new tech like USB-C and wireless charging.

The 4th generation Mophie Powerstation gives you several options, depending on what you need. The Mini version gives you 3,000mAh which is around 12 hours extra juice and just one single USB output while the Powerstation itself gives you 24 hours more with its 60,000 mAh and two USB ports. If you need more power, the 10,000mAh Powerstation XL gives you 48 more hours while the Powerstation XXL has 20,000 mAh, three outputs, and so you get more than 100 hours of extra battery life.


The Powerstation Plus products have also now been redesigned for this second generation model. It still has the built-in charging cable, but now, instead of just having to choose between microUSB or lightning, it has an interchangeable tip for whichever you need at that time. You don’t even have to remove the tip, just stow it on the side of the battery pack. Powerstation Plus Mini has 4,000mAh and one USB output. Powerstation Plus has 6,000 mAh and two outputs. The Powerstation Plus XL gives you 12,000 mAh for.


A new product called the Charge Force Powerstation has 10,000mAh worth of juice, a regular USB-A output and a built-in Qi wireless charging pad for those who already use the tech. The Powerstation USB Type-C also has 10,000 mAh and 15W high-output charging, expect that it uses the USB Type-C charging. Here are the prices of all the power banks, now available for sale

Powerstation Mini – $29.95
Powerstation – $49.95
Powerstation XL – $69.95
Powerstation XXL – $99.95
Powerstation Plus mini – $59.95
Powerstation Plus – $79.95
Powerstation Plus XL – $99.95
Charge Force Powerstation – $99.95
Powerstation USB Type-C – $99.95

VIA: SlashGear