Portable battery packs are a convenient charging solution for your micro-USB powered devices. When your smartphone’s battery runs low, simply plug the two together and your phone immediately starts recharging. The manufacturers of these battery packs often claim that theirs provide quick charges, but how are you to know for sure? The Smart Micro USB Charge Kit takes the guess work out of it. Make sure you are getting the most out of your portable battery pack with the Smart Micro USB Charge Kit, 32% off the regular price right now at Android Community Deals.

The Smart Micro USB Charge Kit easily connects between your mobile device and your portable battery. The LED light display on the Charge Kit indicates just how much charge is being channelled to your device. If all five lights are active, then you can be assured that you are getting optimal charging speeds. If only a couple of the LEDs light up, then you know why it takes so long to charge your device.

Included with the Smart Micro USB Charge Kit is a durable and flat-ribbon micro USB cable that measures more than 3 feet in length. The kit works with any device that charges with a Micro USB cable included Android phones and tablets, Windows Phones, Kindle, and more.

Be sure that your portable battery is giving your micro USB powered mobile device all it is advertised to. Get the time saving Smart Micro USB Charge Kit for just $16.99 with free US shipping for a limited time at Android Community Deals.

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