Modern Combat is to mobile as Call of Duty is to PC – in fact, this comparison has been essential for Gameloft in making its Modern Combat franchise as popular as it has been. But gamer saturation and technology is catching up to the franchise. Time to freshen up the game, and Gameloft is hoping “Modern Combat Versus” can be the game that restores the popularity of the gaming title.

Modern Combat Versus is a multiplayer-focused shooting game, and it is not a sequel to any of the Modern Combat games that came before it. Versus will be using a brand new engine which will offer some great visuals for newer devices. And while there will be no single player campaign on this game, there will still be some sort of a storyline in multiplayer. Check out the cinematic intro below.

In Modern Combat Versus, players will get to pick from a variety of different “Agents” who all have unique personalities, abilities, and roles to play on a team. You can either be an Attacker, a Defender, an Assassin, or a Specialist. There will be 12 different Agents available in the game.

This new game will be soft-launched soon, and we’re hoping it will arrive in some of the territories where you are. Hopefully, the global launch will follow very soon after the soft-launch.

SOURCE: Touch Arcade