A new update from Minuum virtual keyboard sees several improvements in the way you will use it, including a better language switching feature for those who are apt to be bilingual or even multi-lingual when typing on your mobile device. And speaking of being multi-lingual, version 2.14 has added even more languages to make it more efficient for non native English speakers. Of course several necessary bug fixes are also part of the latest update that rolled out over the weekend.

The “revolutionary” virtual keyboard has added five more languages to its growing roster of options other than English. It now supports Swedish, Czech, Polish, Portugese (Portugal, as the Brazil version is already previously avaialble) and Turkish to bring the total now to 13. They have also improved on the autocorrect options when using the full keyboard. They have changed from the ground up how to add suggestions while you’re typing in order to avoid any embarrassing auto-correct fails.

Another major update for version 2.14 is that it’s now easier to switch between languages. After your first boot when you’ve installed or updated the app, it already “catches” all the language data so that when you want to switch your keyboard from English to, for example, French, you just need to long press the spacebar to do so. You need to enable this shortcut by setting it up manually through the settings. This means also that the app uses less RAM since they’ve removed the “turbo mode” from the experimental settings.

The Minuum update should have rolled to your devices by this time, but if still has not, you can manually update it through the Google Play Store. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, you can get a free version and a paid version for only $1.99.

SOURCE: Minuum