If you really love Halo – as in, you can’t live without it – then you must be clapping as you read the headline. For us normal people, it’s Microsoft trying to extend the reach of its influence, even in gaming. For all of you who adore Cortana and know all there is to know about Master Chief, the Halo Channel app on Android will be a total feast. Well, maybe not that much.

Honestly, we don’t think Halo 5: Guardians will be something groundbreaking for the shooter series. Maybe this is why Microsoft is pushing Halo as a portal. The Halo Channel app is exactly this – it will tell you more about Halo than anything else available. This will include access to game walkthroughs, guides for multiplayer maps, and various other content.


Sadly, the app will not feature actual Halo gameplay – that is reserved for the Xbox portal, or the Halo Channel app on the Windows Phone. You can gain access to videos of other people playing Halo, although we question how much fun or informative that would be. Below is a sample video of what kind of content you can expect.

If you love the idea of the app, it’s yours to download over at the Google Play Store (check the download link below). Hopefully this will hit that niche market Microsoft is trying to reach, but a part of us thinks not.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store