The moment that calendar app Sunrise integrated critically-acclaimed and user-favorite to-do list app Wunderlist, people started speculating that Microsoft is on the verge of buying the latter. This is because, if you didn’t know it yet, the former was also recently acquired by the tech conglomerate. And why create something from the ground up when you can just simply integrate into your system an already-established product? So yes, Microsoft has confirmed that Wunderlist is now part of their growing stable of productivity tools.

Microsoft has actually reinvented itself, at least in terms of apps and software, letting go of their air of exclusivity by offering their products in other platforms as well. And with products like OneNote, Skype for Business, Outlook, receiving good buzz, not to mention offering Microsoft Office apps as well, it looks like they are trying to complete the productivity circle by acquiring such apps like Sunrise, Accompli, and now Wunderlist.

The pretty and feature-packed to-do list app has more than 13 million users across all platforms and Microsoft is assuring these customers that it will “remain free across all of its existing markets”. Even the paid versions, Wunderlist Pro or Wunderlist for Business will not experience a price change and will still retain their third-party and integrated services.

While it looks all good, we hope that if ever Microsoft makes changes (and of course they eventually will), we hope it won’t change the very nature of Wunderlist because we love it as it is. The changes that they can bring should only enhance its appeal. So far, with Sunrise, nothing drastic has occurred so hopefully this will continue with Wunderlist.

SOURCE: Microsoft