Remember when Microsoft was filing a lawsuit over a patent deal and demanding Samsung to pay interest due? According to Microsoft, the South Korean giant owed the Redmond compay a total of $6.9 million interest aside from the $1 billion payment by Samsung the previous year.

The case started in 2013 when these two tech giants agreed on a patent licensing. Samsung was required to pay Microsoft royalty for each Android phone and tablet phone it manufactures for seven years. Unfortunately, Samsung stopped paying royalty payments starting August 2014 as part of a previous licensing agreement due to Microsoft’s Nokia acquisition.

But good news this year 2015, Samsung and Microsoft are finally ending the dispute over late fee payments of patent royalty. The two have agreed on a settlement and are ending their contract dispute in a US court. Samsung insisted that Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia the same year made their contract invalid because that made them a competitor. Everything will change now that Samsung said, “The agreements, now between competitors, invite charges of collusion.”

Samsung and Microsoft are ending the dispute but we have not idea the terms of the settlement but it’s good to know that the two are putting an end to a battle.

VIA: SlashGear