Meizu is indeed starting to make its presence felt in the US market, starting with a booth at CES 2014. But instead of butting heads with more established brands in terms of feature density, the Chinese manufacturer wants to focus instead on keeping things simple for smartphone users.

With great power comes a truckload of options, settings, controls and whatnot that can barely fit even in a large display, let alone use with one hand. This can be intimidating especially for smartphone novices, but even experts sometimes want an interface that is powerful but at the same time also easy to use. That is what Meizu is promising to bring to the US market as it tries to fulfill its Silicon Valley dream.

An easy-to-use phablet, especially with one hand, sounds like an oxymoron, but that is how Meizu is trying to sell its current Meizu MX3 smartphone. The device does have a 5.1-inch screen, with a rather odd 1800×1080 resolution, but the company is confident that its new Flyme 3.0 custom Android interface keeps things user-friendly. It remains to be seen whether the combination will be enough to bring attention to Meizu, who will be facing off against the likes of Samsung and Apple in the US market. Other notable features of the Meizu MX3 include an Exynos 5140 octa-core processor, one of the very few used outside Samsung’s kingdom, and a whooping 128 GB of storage, at least in China.

For now, Meizu is touting the MX3 as its prime contender, with nary a word about the rumored Meizu MX4. No price tag has been dropped yet, but Meizu doesn’t seem to be in a hurry as it will only be launching the Meizu MX3 in the US around the third quarter of this year.