The hit series Max Payne by Rockstar Games is coming to Android in case you haven’t heard. The original Max Payne game in all its glory was slated to be released on Android April 26th (today) like we previously reported, but recently Rockstar has confirmed the game has suffered a slight delay and will be available as soon as possible.

According to @RockstarGames Twitter the Android version has been delayed as they continue to work out a few outstanding issues and they expect the game to launch fully sometime “in the next week or so.” Then a later tweet confirmed a couple of last minute tests and changes were made to make the game become available on as many Android devices as possible.

RockStar Games has already released the amazingly fun Grand Theft Auto III for Android, and later updated it with full Tegra 3 support. Hopefully when the awesome shooter Max Payne lands for Android next week (or so) it will have full support for a variety of phones, including powerful Tegra 3 devices like the Transformer Prime or the HTC One X.

Hopefully the wait won’t be long and it will be here next Thursday instead of today, we’ll update as soon as we hear more details.