Management simulation games are surprisingly an effective destresser for some people. There’s something about having to “stress” and being able to accomplish a lot of tasks even just in a mobile game. ‘March to a Million’ is a new game where you can be the boss of your own talent agency– trying to recruit new artists and training them to become the stars they are born to be. Your goal as the boss is hire new talents, training, scouting, and advertising them for the world to see.

There are lots of talents to discover but in this simulation game, you will do more than just search and recruit. Your record company is your new baby but you’ve got real artists to take good care of. Start them with training and lessons so they will impress in numerous auditions. Who knows when they will be able to get an opportunity to perform, record an album, or star in a concert.

You can be your talent’s album producer. That’s expected because you own a recording company. Making them popular isn’t just trying to market them. It’s all about finding them the right gigs they can also be proud of. Help your soon-to-be-famous talents get more fans. Build their career by selling more merchandise, albums, and concert tickets.

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