Login with Amazon was first introduced about a year earlier. Amazon had been touting this as a secure sign-in solution that makes use of the OAuth 2.0 protocol. It had been pushed as something beneficial for developers and users. But flash forward till today and it seems Amazon has returned to ‘make things even easier’ for Kindle Fire users.

This latest update will be for those using one of the third-generation Kindle Fire devices. Specifically, the 7-inch and 8.9-inch HDX as well as the 7-inch HD. Amazon has said customers will no longer have to login each and every time they launch an app — provided that app is making use of the Login with Amazon setup.

“Today we are making things even easier for customers using apps enabled with Login with Amazon on the latest generation of Kindle Fire devices. Starting today, mobile apps and games that use Login with Amazon on these Kindle Fire devices will no longer need to ask Amazon customers to sign in each time the app is run.”


The first time a Login with Amazon app is run it will use the account registered to the Kindle Fire device to sign in. Naturally, the user will still need to click a few buttons, but the process should be much simpler as compared to creating an account, or entering a username and password each and every time.

There are similar sign-in solutions from Facebook and Google+, however the Amazon option should appeal to those using a Kindle Fire as they are likely already living in the Amazon world. That being said, this is something developers will need to enable before users begin seeing it live in apps. Developers will be able to get some additional details in terms of setup from the Amazon Developer Console.

SOURCE: Amazon