Have you ever wished you could have a free group call with around 200 people invited to that call? Okay, maybe not 200 exactly, but definitely more than just two people talking and it has to be free. LINE is adding another product to its app portfolio by releasing Popcorn Buzz which lets you do all these things, including the aforementioned 200 people in the call, if for some reason you’d want to do that.

If you want to discuss a personal project with a lot of people involved, or if you need to have a business conference call but your office isn’t equipped yet to do that, or if you simply want to have a virtual family reunion over mobile devices, then Popcorn Buzz would be the tool for you. You wouldn’t need any cables, or any passwords, or adjust any complicated settings, etc. You just need your mobile device and a good Internet connection.

Within the app, create a group and name it to whatever you want. Then you can start sending invitations to friends to join that group, either through messenger services (LINE would be a good idea), email or social networks. Once all the people you want in the call are in, you just press the red dial button and voila, instant group call. It will supposedly be not so confusing as the app will tell you who is speaking at that moment as their profile pics will have a green light. The one who initiated the call will have a yellow circle over their icon, so you’ll know who to blame if things turn sour.

It will also be a bit easier if you log on to the app using your LINE account so that all your friends will automatically be added here. You can download Popcorn Buzz for free from the Google Play Store.