We’ve always known LifeProof as one of the best brands in offering high-quality smartphone and tablet protective cases but looks like the company has ventured into a whole new arena. This time around, the brand is showing off the new AQUAPHONICS Bluetooth Speakers that are ready for rough mobile use as they are sealed and are very resistant to snow, dirt, dust, water, and drops.

We’re assuming LifeProof has also employed its Four-Proof technology protection standard on the speakers, allowing them to survive even the harshest elements or abuse. The device is now available online and offline on Best Buy. You can choose from three sizes depending on your preference and lifestyle. Officially called as the AQUAPHONICS AQ9, AQ10, and AQ11, these speakers will be ready starting April 23. Only the AQ11 will be released in the market some time later.

LifeProof AQUAPHONICS Bluetooth speakers are priced at $99.99, $199.99, and $299.99, respectively. That’s a hundred dollar difference but we know audio will be louder on the bigger AQ11. The AQ9 is ideal for more personal use while the AQ10 could be good enough for any room at home. They’re all portable and convenient to use over Bluetooth connectivity where up to eight devices can connect. They have built-in mic, long battery life, water-tight seals, and high-quality audio technology.

The A10 is ready in black and silver/green combo while the AQ11 is available only in black. The smaller AQ9 is offered in three colors.

SOURCE: Lifeproof