Even before the LG V30 was officially launched, we knew it would come with a Floating Bar instead of the secondary display. The latest premium flagship phone from the other South Korean tech giant is now on AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile in the US. If you don’t have plans of getting a new phone but would like to see the Floating Bar feature, then you can try this ‘Floating Bar LG V30’ app. It can be an alternative to your launcher or notification screen as you can have all your favorite apps or contants on the Floating Bar.

Non-LG V30 owners can enjoy the Floating Bar design with this new app from THSoftware. It offers fast access to apps, websites, and tools and even allow quick dials to people that matter. Feel free to add up to five shortcuts from each of the category available–application, contact, tool, and website link. What’s better is you can enable or disable the categories.

With the app, you can move the floating bar around the screen. Browse other categories by simply swiping left and right on the bar. You can also click outside the floating bar to auto collapse the shortcut bar.

The dev, tuannguyenht on Reddit, said here’s working to add more shortcut types and tools to make the app smoother and more helpful.

Download Floating Bar LG V30 from the Google Play Store

VIA: Reddit