If you have an LG V10 and if you’re on AT&T, then the good news is that you have a new update, but don’t get your hopes up that it’s the Android 7.0 Nougat calling. In fact, the latest update to the device from the carrier is it will finally receive the much-awaited WiFi calling feature. Despite there being a glut of Android devices in the market, not everyone has been given WiFi calling support by their respective carriers, for one reason or another.

As for AT&T, the first device that they gave WiFi calling support to was the LG G4, even though the current flagship from the OEM, the LG G5, was already available. Since then, they added recent Samsung flagships and a couple more LG devices. Now the LG V10 joins this “elite circle” of devices that lets you make calls when you’re connected to WiFi, even if your phone doesn’t have signal from AT&T or whoever your carrier is.

A lot of carriers now have realized that users aren’t that tied down to calls and text messaging, and would rather spend on data. The proliferation of messaging apps that offer free messaging and some even free calling has also made it more crucial for them to concentrate on data usage. Adding WiFi calling has been one step to still be involved in your subscribers’ calling life.

The update for the LG V10, build number MRA58K, has started rolling out for users on the AT&T network. It’s around 368MB so make sure you’re connected to WiFi when you start downloading it. If it’s not yet there for you, just be patient and wait for it.