There are times when you want to immerse yourself in your music while working out and so you use earphones or headphones. But then there are times also when you want a bigger sound and so you would have liked to have external speakers with you while you do your fitness routine. The new LG Tone Active+ thinks you can actually have them both, as it is equipped with built-in external speakers and it also has the option to use earbuds in case you prefer to isolate your music, just for yourself.

The sounds that will come out of your headset’s external speakers aren’t the canned sounding music that you hear from the low-end speakers that people sometimes use. It brings “robust bass, crisp treble, and more defined vocals”, which should inspire you whether you’re lifting weights, doing a dance fitness routine, or even running the 5K. And if you feel like you’d like to listen to it on your own, then you can simply toggle it off so your earbuds will do all the work.


You can even take voice calls if they’re that important, as the headset comes with dual MEMS microphones. The Tone Active+ also has built-in fitness monitoring features, like tracking how much calories you’ve burned, step and distance calculator, and if you want to record your recent workouts, sync it with your LG Health for Android app. Plus, it’s also sweat and water resistant, so don’t worry about the occasional splashes.


If you’re using the device in speaker mode, it can last half the day or 6 hours, and up to 13 hours of talk time. And in case you’re running out of juice, it only takes two hours to fully charge it. The Tone Active+ is available in black, blue, and silver and will cost $179.99. It’s now available for purchase at the AT&T online store.