It looks like more Google I/O gear is making its way on to eBay. I would keep the cool things like that for myself, but that is just me. From what we are hearing, and seeing there is now multiple LG Optimus 3D phones showing up on Ebay and they are listed as “dev” phones. Listed as new in box, and never used. From what we understand LG gave a few of these out to developers from Google I/O at a LG side event, and some are deciding to sell them rather than keep them… or develop for the device.

We reached out to our contact at LG and were informed that it was an Analysts only event and should there be any media there, they were sure lucky. Especially lucky if they’re getting prices like these for a phone that’ll certainly be out quite soon for a lot less cash. One is listed and currently the bidding sits around $535, but the rest are over $700. Still a decent price for the hardware and technology you are getting early. Or for those that don’t like the bidding and waiting game one is listed Buy It Now for the low low price of $900. That is one expensive smartphone, I hope it will make my coffee.

For those that might not know a lot about the Optimus 3D we have a hands-on here as well as full specs at that same link. It boasts a dual-core TI OMAP 4 processor, not a Tegra 2 and it will be sporting a 4.3″ glasses free 3D display, as well as the same powerful PowerVR SGX540 GPU in all those Galaxy S phones, as well as those other exciting features like dual 5MP cameras on back to record 3D, as well as HDMI out. Basically it is a beastly workhorse of a phone.

Obviously buying something like this from Ebay will have its risks, I’d use some caution and email the seller with any questions. A few are reporting the phone as quad-band and working on AT&T as well as T-Mobile so that is interesting to read, but I’d take that with a grain of salt. Here is a link to all the listing currently up, click here.