Looks like LG is trying to use whatever marketing leverage it can to push for the sales of its new flagship the LG G4. It’s offering something juicy to the prospective buyers of the new device in the US. LG US is offering an extra battery complete with separate charging cradle, and an extra microSD that will virtually double your storage.


If you’re an LG fan, or someone who is looking at the LG G4 as a possible upgrade device, then you have to listen to this. For a limited time – only until June 21 – LG is offering a zero cost deal which will give you a few great freebies with your LG G4 purchase. First up is a free extra 3,000mAh battery with its own charging cradle. Provided that you charge it up before you go out for the day, this means double your battery life – just swap out the removable battery (and eat your heart out Samsung, HTC!).


Also, LG is giving you a free 32GB SanDisk microSD card. That means an additional 32GB to the internal storage of your LG G4 (which is already at 32GB ). Admittedly, you will find that microSD cards tend to deteriorate over time, but nobody will be complaining with another free 32GB on top of the internal storage, right?


So if you want to check out this deal, click on the source link below. The “buy” button on the source page will bring you to a page where you can pick your vendor. Of course, the LG G4 is still on its way to North American shores, but why miss out on a great deal such as this, especially if you were planning to purchase one already?