The LG G6 is about to get more interesting as it will soon receive a new feature that will allow facial recognition. In partnership with OezFR, a well-known tech recognition solutions firm, LG is expected to use the company’s 3D face-scanning technology. This will not just enhance device security but may also boost the LG Pay mobile payment that will be introduced some time in June.

The LG Pay will be ready for this year’s premium flagship phone in time for Summer. There is no confirmation yet but there is a large possibility that OezFR’s solution will support the new payment service.

Facial recognition isn’t exactly new but the technology hasn’t been used for mobile payments or financial transactions. Even Samsung isn’t using the tech for the Samsung Pay. We discovered this when the Galaxy S8’s facial recognition feature was compromised with a photo. Samsung reiterated that its facial recognition can’t be used to authenticate access to Samsung Pay, at least, for now.

If and when LG decides to use the new tech on the G6 in authenticating LG Pay transactions, the G6 will be the first premium smartphone to do so. Hopefully, this one can’t be compromised with a simple image of the device owner.

LG is believed to have chosen Oez as the software is easy to use on contactless biometric technology not just on the G6 but also on other phones like the G5 and V20. File size is only small at 3.5MB.

VIA: The Investor