When LG took the stage back in August to announce their new flagship LG G2 smartphone, the main focus was on the buttons. Why? Because the volume and power buttons are located on the back, rather than the sides. Their new device has the world’s thinnest full 1080p HD display, and the fastest quad-core processor available today, but today we’re following LG and focusing on those buttons.

Before we start as a reminder we want to confirm the LG G2 from Verizon officially becomes available tomorrow, September 12th, for $199. T-Mobile will follow on the 18th, and it’s readily available from AT&T. Now that’s out of the way, check out loads of pictures and our hands-on battle of the buttons video below.

As a refresher the LG G2 sports a 5.2-inch full 1080p HD IPS display, and Qualcomm’s latest 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. With Verizon you’ll get a few added options for the same $199 price as the others. That being 32GB of internal storage, then built-in wireless charging comes standard, which Verizon got the exclusive on. As a result though the buttons have been changed on back, and the entire device is a few mm thicker, but it’s barely noticeable.

With Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and loads of features to take advantage of those buttons and that massive display the G2 is quite the smartphone. It’ll likely also be the base in which LG’s Nexus 5 is built. With Verizon the buttons are actually much smaller on back, which makes then harder to hit than the regular model everyone else is carrying. Then, the LED light on the power button is also quite small and barely noticeable when illuminated.

I found myself missing the buttons at times and resting my finger on the camera lens sadly, which means photos might come out blurry. So make sure you keep it clean. That aside, the rear button placement is actually extremely comfortable, and easy to get used to. To be honest Verizon’s LG G2 buttons don’t feel quite as nice. The rounded edges stick out, which could make them easier to find and hit for most, but I find them a bit intrusive compared to LG’s original approach. They’re also thin, instead of finger width like LG had before. Check out our hands-on video and comparison below.

Aside from having a blazing fast quad-core and a pretty gorgeous display I think my favorite feature would have to be the KnockON feature. Which is a quick double tap to turn on, or turn off the display. It’s quick and simple, and something I hope we see more. The low-power abilities of the Snapdragon 800 are at play there, and regular older devices might not be able to incorporate that without sacrificing some battery life, but we’ll see. I want it on all my devices.

We already shared plenty of thoughts and details in our thorough hands-on from their launch event, so for now we’ll need a few more days to fully enjoy this new phone. Drop us a comment below with any questions you may have regarding the LG G2, and expect a full review coming up quick.


  1. Freaking terrible Verizon….really?…oh well..I’m getting the at&t version, this week:-D …anyways…that’s just a shame…this Device is beautiful as is…

  2. WOW,……just Wow. I was really planning on picking up the Vz version of this tomorrow,…….I really dislike the smaller rear buttons now that I’ve seen them………… Might have to jump ship to Tmob =/

  3. Who decides….hey let’s put it there! I mean c’mon..its petty complaint but it’s like putting a bumper sticker on a Bentley luxury car. It just plainly looks bad. That is why they are giving you 32gb version for $199 because your a walking advertisement for them.

  4. Since Verizon ruined this phone, will the window case still fit? I mean since they screwed up the speakers and the thinness of the phone. Please advise that…

  5. You guys are such dorks. It’s “ruined” because it’s different? If the buttons were like that from the beginning, there would have never been an issue. So people are going to switch carriers because of this? Hahaha. That makes me laugh. Good riddence to you. Crybabies. First world problems sure are tough, huh? I’m going to love my Verizon version, wireless charging and all. 🙂 Oh and, tell me again which Verizon phone DOESN’T have their logo on it? And yet now its a deal breaker because this one does? That’s like being upset because the Earth turns. $200 is a great price for this phone! I paid way more 2 years ago for this Droid RAZR I’m using. The G2 puts it to shame in every way!

    • Not ruined because its diff…ruined because we happen to already know, and loved the way this rocker looked to begin with…ruined because its smaller. Not as easy accessible, as the CORRECT version, and what LG designed it to be in the first place. Ruined because it no longer sits flush on the backside, as it is intended to be. Ruined, because it just plain mofugly. Its not what people wanted it to be. Yes, Verizon found a way to make it a complete turn off. I’m sure their will be the select crowd, as yourself though, that will settle. At&ts version, is just sexxy, and didn’t dick around with it. They were smart. They knew, if they did that wireless charge shit, it would alter what most people perceived, and wanted it to be.

      • Funny how you think that your opinion represents the majority. I also think it’s funny that you refer to any phone as being sexy. lol I really do like the Verizon version’s styling. The way the camera lens is encircled contrasts nicely, as do the buttons, with the dark back. The AT&T buttons aren’t exactly flush, as there is a hump at the power button. This helps with finding the buttons without looking, just as the bumpy rocker buttons on Verizon’s version do. I just think the word “ruined” is overstated. As I said, switch to another carrier if it makes you happy. Certainly won’t hurt my feelings!

      • I still settled for the Verizon version since aroudn where I live both T-Mobile (the one i switched from) and AT&T have crap for signal… but to me the change on the buttons made it uglier and I find myself having troubles getting to it due to how small they are. But aside that we got the ticker phone which gives us wireless charging but man finding a case for it going to take a while… and no headphones??? Friend just got their hands on the global version and bam awesome LG headphones but for some reason US carriers took them out??? makes no sense to me why there would be no headphones along with a high end smarthphone this day and age.

    • It’s pretty simple… some people have good sense of style and appreciate design. As petty as it is. Some people will put a bumper sticker on a BMW or Jaguar but to me that is nails on a chalk board. We are definitely a minority considering the masses will settle for anything. Companies work very hard to arrive at their perfect design but then Verizon comes and guts it and slaps logos all over it. Idea: Verizon why don’t you design and sell your own phone and leave the rest alone.

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  7. I own a 5S and a G2, and the G2 kicks the crap out of the 5S. Download at 32 mbps with the 5S and 56 mbps with the G2. There is no lag with the G2. The volume buttons on the back are a non issue. Just use knock knock to turn it on and off. I really like it.


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