Curious what your update to Android 4.4 will look like, LG G2 owners? We don’t blame you. Though being rolled out in Korea, owners of LG’s current flagship are left wanting for KitKat. Promise in “late Q1 2014”, the G2 should have the update within two months or so. If you can’t wait that long, we have a video for you, showing Android 4.4 on a G2.

An English-speaking G2 owner, likely in Korea, has taken the time to grab a few screenshot and a simple walk-through of the G2 in KitKat form. What you’ll see is nothing fancy, or clever, but there are slight touches. Imemdiately noticeable is the top bar, where the icons are now white. Immersive mode is there, and so is the choice to select the default messaging app.

The changes look mostly aesthetic, but we expect that KitKat will bring a host of very subtle changes throughout. Nothing massive is present, but LG’s increasingly large skin over Android still looms large. If anything, we’d like to see OEMs start peeling some of the excess away, rather than make Android suit their polarizing viewpoints.

Of course, this shouldn’t be considered a final build, since we haven’t seen it domestically, but it offers enough of a glimpse into what’s coming to make us happy. We didn’t expect a stock look or feel, but from what we see, LG has implemented enough changes to make the update noticeable. Now if they could only get the gal rolling quicker next time, we’d be really pleased.
VIA: Mobile Syrup