LG Korea has announced plans for an Android-based tablet, to be released in Q4 2010.  Details on the new device are scant; however LG are also looking at a refresh of the Optimus Z SU950 in Q4, which will be updated to Android 2.2, one of four significant Android phone launches in Korea this year.

The new Optimus Z will apparently have a 3.8-inch display – up from the 3.5-inches of the existing handset – and use the same OMAP3630 CPU as found in the DROID X.  It’ll also capture HD-quality video and have DLNA support for wireless multimedia streaming.

LG is also preparing for an Android 2.1 update for the Optimus Q LU2300 in August, followed by Android 2.2 updates later in the year.

[LG’s press release is in Korean and Google’s translation isn’t too great – anyone out there read Korean and who might be able to shed more light on the news?]